Boom or Doom?

Our problem-solving must pick up pace and fast. Boom in business can only be maintained in the long term, if the political environment remains reasonably far removed from doom. Right now, the days of going home to eat your dinner in peace, forgetting about the day’s travails, are over. In the recent past, it has become painfully obvious that political decision-makers do not understand technology, at a time of the greatest disruptions in two centuries. At the same time, two past custodians of global order, the UK and US, are abandoning older institutions and alliances. The New Nordics – and, especially, their youth – need to remain agile, able to react and pivot, as necessary. Also, the view from below was that it was not clear who was leading the world? We will have to figure it out fast because politics cannot afford to make mistakes, as the entire society is at stake.